All the Sex I've Ever Had

Oldenburg, Bern, Singapore, Glasgow, Philadelphia, Prague, Toronto, Portland, Sydney

Older adults courageously open up their personal lives and experiences to fellow participants and strangers, divulging stories of first crushes, turbulent affairs, unexpected pregnancies and deaths of loved ones. They chat with the audience, toast to important milestones and sometimes dance on-stage. All the Sex I’ve Ever Had offers an opportunity to acknowledge that our elders have a lot to teach us, a lot to share, and that aging can yield a way of being in the world that is open, generous and fearless. In our youth-obsessed culture, All the Sex I’ve Ever Had re-establishes the notion of a community of wise elders to whom we can turn for advice gleaned from their vast wealth of life expertise.

local people over the age of 65

conceived by:
Darren O'Donnell

directed by:
Konstantin Bock & Darren O'Donnell

written by:
Konstantin Bock, Darren O'Donnell, Eva Verity, Jenna Winter, Lucy Gaizely

environment design by:
Konstantin Bock

produced by:
Eva Verity & Jenna Winter / Mammalian Diving Reflex, Toronto

PAZZ International Performing Arts Festival, Oldenburg, 2012
auawirleben Festival, Bern, 2012
Singapore Arts Festival, 2012
Behaviour Festival @ The Arches, Glasgow, 2013
Philadelphia FringeArts Festival, 2013
Festival of German Theater, Prague, 2013
Luminato Festival, Toronto, 2014
tba Festival, Portland, 2014
Sydney Arts Festival, 2016

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